Using data: Link previews

Authenticate and use link previews and learn the difference between this feature and classic embeds.

Link previews

Link previews are a great way to enhance static documents. Link previews are built on top of Notion’s API and require authentication, and are therefore a safer way to bring data in. Link previews also update more regularly and automatically so you always see the latest.

Some of our favorite link previews include:

  • Slack, Jira, Figma, Dropbox, Github, OneDrive, and data tools like Grid and Amplitude.

Simply paste a link to get started. When you paste a link from a new site you’ll be prompted to authorize it and then you can select to view the preview as a:

  • Mention: You’ll see the name of the page but not much else

  • Previews: Give readers a view of the content itself, useful in the case of something visual

  • Full database: Allow you to sync data from other platforms as Notion databases


8 ways to use link previews in your workspace

This template collection boasts eight ways to pull in data from apps like Asana, Hex, Amplitude, and more.