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Easily import all of your Asana projects and tasks directly into Notion 📥

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Importing from Asana allows you to move your organization’s teams, projects, and tasks in Asana into Notion. Any member on any plan tier can take advantage of the Asana importer.

Are you looking to sync data with Notion and Asana?

Synced Databases are another way of connecting Asana to Notion. They're separate from importing.

  • Synced Databases are likely preferable if you plan on using both Asana and Notion in your work. Synced Databases only go one direction, meaning that data changes will need to happen on Asana in order for updates to appear in Notion.

  • Importing is preferable if you plan on primarily using Notion in your work. The data will be duplicated into Notion and not synchronized with Asana.

    • To import from Asana, follow the steps in this article.

Syncs are continuous but only go one direction, meaning that data changes will need to happen on the original platform in order for updates to appear in Notion.

  1. Go to Settings & members in your sidebar → ImportAsana.

  2. Sign into Asana and select an Asana workspace.

  3. Select which Asana team you'd like to import and which Notion teamspace you'd like to import to.

  4. Select which projects and tasks you'd like to import.

Note: Multiple projects imported into one teamspace will go into the same database.

If you'd like to import into multiple databases, try importing in batches.

How the Asana importer works

All project and task fields (like due date, assignee, attachments, etc) will be migrated over. The importer will not pull over anything that lives within the project (like project briefs or a project summary document).

Asana → Notion:

  • Projects → Projects

  • Tasks → Tasks

  • Teams → Teamspaces

  • Organization/Workspace → Workspace


How are the Task assignees imported if that assignee is not present in Notion?

If the Tasks assignees imported do not have a Notion, the user would be added as a placeholder to the workspace.

These placeholder accounts will attribute comments and mentions. If and when these users sign up, they will be mapped to the corresponding placeholder account, and comments and mentions will be attributed to the correct user.

How long does it take for the Asana Importer tool to import a large number of tasks?

Import times may range from a few minutes to several hours depending up on the size of the import. You will receive an email notification once the import is complete.

Is there a limit to the number of tasks that can be imported at once?

There are no hard limits on number of tasks that can be imported, but we recommend limiting imports to 20K tasks per teamspace.

How are subtasks imported?

They are imported as subtasks (along with dependencies) that are within the same database.

Do updates I make in my Asana account automatically get updated in Notion?

No, the import is a one-time action.

We do not maintain a connection with your Asana account and any changes you make in your Asana account after the import will not automatically update in Notion.

Is there a way to preview the import before they are added? Can I undo an import?

There is no way to preview or undo, but during the process you will select which specific projects you wish to import.

In addition you can easily delete specific projects or tasks within Notion. You can even delete the entire database and start over.

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