Browse, join & create teamspaces

Browse, join & create teamspaces
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Teamspaces help keep your content organized into specific areas. Keep your sidebar tidy by joining just the ones you need to access! Here's how 📚

When you join a workspace on the Plus or Enterprise Plan, you'll automatically be added to any teamspaces that have been set as default. To see all other existing teamspaces in your workspace:

  • In your left sidebar, click All teamspaces.

  • At the top, you’ll see teamspaces that you are a part of.

  • Below that, you’ll see all open and closed teamspaces in the workspace.

Note: Workspaces on the Enterprise Plan have access to the private teamspace feature. Only members or owners of a private teamspace can invite other people, and it won’t be visible to people who are not added.

When browsing all teamspaces, you'll see a list of open and closed teamspaces in the workspace.

  • Open teamspaces can be joined directly from this menu.

  • Closed teamspaces are designated by a lock symbol. You’ll need to contact an existing member of the teamspace to invite you — you can see a list of all teamspace members by clicking the ••• symbol.

To leave a teamspace that you are currently a member of:

  • Hover over the teamspace name in your sidebar.

  • Click the ••• button and then choose the Leave teamspace option.

When setting up your workspace, you may want to create an additional teamspace.

  • In your sidebar, hover over the All teamspaces at the top, and click the + button. Or, scroll to the Teamspaces label in your sidebar and click the + button to the right of the label.

  • To duplicate an existing teamspace, click the ••• next to a teamspace and click Duplicate teamspace.

Note: Depending on your workspace settings, this action may be restricted to workspace owners only. You can check in Settings & Members → Teamspaces.

By default, you will become the owner of this teamspace. You can add additional members and owners within the teamspace's settings:

  • Hover over the teamspace name in your sidebar.

  • Click the ••• button and then choose the Teamspace settings option.

  • Click Add members or search for another user to add them to the teamspace.

  • Customize their role by clicking the dropdown to the right of their name.

Turning page into teamspace

Pages with sub-pages can be turned into teamspaces by teamspace owners. Permissions from the page will carry over to the created teamspace.

  • In the sidebar, click the ••• next to the page

  • Select Turn into teamspace

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