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Between classes, homework, taking notes, studying, athletics, extracurriculars, and clubs, being a student can be overwhelming. Notion is here to help with its all-in-one workspace where you can manage all of it, whether you're a student or teacher 🍎

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Individual university students and teachers who associate their accounts with their school email addresses can get our Plus Plan for free. You’ll have access to all Plus Plan features, with the exception of adding workspace members.

Student organizations at select higher education institutions across the globe can apply to receive our Plus Plan and add members for free. Apply here

To take advantage of the free Plus Plan for students and educators:

  • Make sure that the email address associated with your Notion account is the one provided by your school.

  • If it isn’t, change your email on file to your educational email by clicking Settings & members in your sidebar, then My account.

  • Next to email, select Change email. You may have to verify your existing email.

  • Enter your educational email address. We’ll send a verification code to this email address. Enter this code into Notion, then select Change email.

  • If you’re already on a paid plan, you’ll want to downgrade before getting access to the Plus Plan. To do this, select Settings & members → PlansDowngrade under the plan you want to downgrade to.

  • Once you’ve downgraded, or if you’re already on a Free Plan, you should see a button that says Get free education plan. Select this button.

  • If your school is recognized by our system, you'll be upgraded automatically and you're good to go!

Note: You'll need to associate your Notion account with a valid educational email address in order to upgrade — we don't accept student IDs or other documentation to verify at this time. Personal email addresses (like or are not eligible. Sorry about that!

For individual students & educators, our free Plus Plan includes:

Note: Unlike the paid Plus Plan, the free Education Plan can only have one member.

If you’re using Notion as an individual educator or student, you can add guests to your workspace to collaborate on our Education plan.

If you are using Notion for your student organization, you can apply to our student organization offer to add members to your workspace, free of charge. Learn more about the offer here

  • On any page you want to share with others, go to Share at the top right.

  • Press Invite.

  • Enter the email address of anyone you want to invite.

  • Select a level of access for that person from the dropdown (i.e. read-only, edit-only, comment-only) and press Invite.

  • They'll receive an email with a link to the page.

  • If they don't already use Notion, they can sign up to access your page.

Note: When you add someone to a page, they can automatically access all of its sub-pages by default. That being said, you can restrict or expand sub-page permissions!

Using the method shown in above, you can essentially share an entire workspace:

  • Create one top-level page in your sidebar with all the sub-pages you want other people to access.

  • Invite anyone you want to collaborate or share content with.

  • You can add as many guests as you want for free.

If you're brand new to Notion, we recommend you start here to quickly pick up the basics of writing, editing, and organizing your content.

Our templates are also a great first step — they provide some structure, and you can customize them however you want! We have a bunch just for students and teachers:

  • In your sidebar, click the Templates button.

  • Or, you can use the + New page button or any of the + buttons in your sidebar to create a new page, and select Templates from the grayscale menu.

  • Once you find a template you like, click the blue Use this template button at the top right to add it to your workspace.

Templates: Within the app, templates for students and teachers can be found under the Education category.

You can also check out our template gallery for education users via the ↗ Browse more templates button at the bottom right of the template picker, or by clicking here →


Why is Notion free for students and educators?

Notion is the perfect tool for school. We’d like to support the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and leaders.

I'm a student/educator, but don't have an educational email address.

Unfortunately, you'll need to associate your Notion account with a valid educational email address in order to upgrade — we don't accept student IDs or other documentation to verify at this time. Personal email addresses (like or are not eligible. Sorry about that!

Can I upgrade to a free education plan, but continue using Notion with my personal email address?

Not at the moment, unfortunately — you'll need to associate your Notion account with an educational email address in order to upgrade to the free educational plan. You can change your email by navigating to the My Account tab of Settings & Members in the sidebar.

I’m already paying for a Plus Plan. Can I still get free access?

Yes! Go to the Settings & Members panel in Notion, select the My Account tab, then click Change Email under the Personal Info section. Enter your student email address. Next, navigate to the Upgrade tab in Settings & Members. Scroll down, and click the button that says Get free education plan (you won't see this if you're on an Enterprise Plan already).

If your school is recognized by our system, you'll be upgraded automatically and you're good to go! You’ll receive a prorated credit for the remaining value of your term which can be applied to future Notion purchases.

Am I eligible for the free Plus Plan for students & educators?

You’re eligible if:

  1. You’re a student or educator at an accredited college or university.

  2. You have a school email address. We don’t accept student IDs or other documentation to verify at this time.

You’re not eligible if:

  1. You’re a K-12 student or K-12 educator. But you can still use our Free Plan with unlimited storage for free! Learn more on our pricing page.

  2. Your Notion account is associated with a personal email address, such as a or email address.

I clicked the Free education plan button, but received an error message.

This happens if your university or educational institution isn't recognized by our system. Our support team can help! Just use the ? button at the bottom right of the Notion app to send us a message, or you can email us at [email protected].

I don't see an option to upgrade to the Education Plan.

You won't see the option to upgrade to the Education Plan if you're already subscribed to a Plus Plan or Enterprise Plan, or if you have multiple admins/members in your workspace.

Any educational pricing for Plus Plans or Enterprise Plans?

This educational discount is only valid for the Plus Plan — unfortunately there isn't a discount for Enterprise Plans.

You can still collaborate with your classmates on your Plus Plan though, using guest access. Learn more about guests here →

What happens when I graduate?

You can continue using your free student account as long as it’s associated with a university email address. You’ll have the opportunity to change your email address and switch to a paid plan upon graduation. We hope you’ll stick with us 🤞

What is Notion's student org offer?

Notion offers our Plus plan with member additions for free to verified student organizations at select international higher education institutions. The Plus plan offers unlimited blocks and file uploads for teams, ability to add multiple members to a workspace, 30 day page history, up to 100 guests, and more.

Find more information on our student org offer here

I have a workspace for my student group. How can I get the student org offer?

If you have a verified student group at a select accredited global higher education institution, you can apply for your student org’s workspace to receive the new Notion for Student Groups offer here

To prove that your student org is verified, please provide a link to your organization on your institution’s official website in your application. We accept direct links to your institution’s student organization list or database.

What kinds of student groups can get access to the offer?

The offer is available for verified student orgs at select accredited global higher education institutions.

How can I make sure my application for the student org offer gets approved?

In order for your application to be successfully processed, your application must meet the following requirements:

  • You’re an enrolled student at an eligible higher education institution listed in the application form.

  • Your account email is a verified domain from your selected institution.

  • You are a workspace admin of your student organization’s workspace.

  • Your student organization is officially registered by your institution.

  • You provide a link to your student organization on your university’s official website.

    • Note that the link you provide must be on your university’s main website domain.

If you believe that you meet all of the requirements above, please resubmit an application here, and we’ll be happy to review it!

I’m a student who loves Notion. How can I get more involved?

Amazing! Thanks for being part of our community. The Notion Campus Leaders Program enables students around the world to share and teach Notion at their universities, while building strong Notion communities on campus. We encourage you to attend an upcoming CL event on your campus — or, if you’re feeling extra passionate, you can apply to become a Campus Leader yourself!

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