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This article outlines how a Workspace owner can transfer content from a member who has been deprovisioned from an Enterprise Plan workspace 📖

When can a Workspace owner transfer content?

When a user is deleted, deprovisioned, or leaves a workspace, they may leave behind private page content. This feature allows a Workspace owner of an Enterprise Plan workspace to transfer this content to another, current user so it is easily recovered.

Note: This process applies on a user’s private content after they have left a workspace. Content shared with a current workspace member will not be transferrable.

A Workspace owner is able to reassign the private content of a user who has recently left the workspace if:

  • The user is not currently part of the workspace (they have been deprovisioned)

  • The user had private pages

  • The user’s private pages were not already reassigned to another user

  • The user was part of the workspace fewer than 30 days ago

  • The workspace is on an Enterprise Plan subscription

How to reassign content

  • Visit your Settings & members and click the Members section.

  • Navigate to the Recently left users tab.

  • For the user who has been deprovisioned (the “recently left user”), select the destination where you would like to send the deprovisioned user’s private pages.

  • You will see a confirmation modal; select Transfer private pages to continue the private page transfer process.

  • All of the deprovisioned user's private pages will appear in the destination user’s sidebar, nested under a new top-level private page.

Note: A user who has had their private pages reassigned will remain in the “Recently left” list with their number of private pages shown as 0.

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