Scale your team: Permissions

Explain page sharing inheritance by creating a new employee onboarding resource with different access levels for different pages.

Permission inheritance

The more content you create in Notion, the more you’ll need to consider who has access to what content. There are two rules that govern Notion’s permissions:

  • Permissions are granted and revoked on the page level but inherited from parent pages and teamspaces. The Share menu, in the top right of any page, can be seen as the single source of truth for permissions.

    • Teamspace owners can set up default permissions for teamspace owners, teamspace members, and workspace members who don’t belong to the teamspace. These default permissions will apply to every new page created in a teamspace.

    • Within a teamspace, groups can be given unique levels of access.

    • A top level page of a teamspace will default to the teamspace’s settings, but these settings can be changed. Child pages will inherit permissions from their parents.

  • If a user has two different access levels, the higher access will be applied. If they have full access via a group permission but only “Can view” access via teamspace permissions, they’ll be given full access.


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