Manage tasks in sprints

Manage sprints in Notion using the beta Sprints feature.

Manage tasks in sprints
  • Sprints help your team manage work in time-boxed units, which can help you to manage work more clearly.

  • To add sprints in Notion, you need to toggle on the sprints property in your tasks database. This action triggers the creation of a new related database called "Sprints," which will appear in your sidebar.

    • Alternatively, you can use the “Projects, tasks & sprints” template in place of Projects & tasks that we’ve been using throughout this course.

  • Once you connect individual tasks to their respective sprints, you'll be able to use the views in the Sprint board to get an accurate picture of your team's work.

Go further with sprints

Using sprints alongside projects & tasks unlocks tons of functionality to enhance your team’s productivity. Learn more in our guide to issue tracking here →