Create a project tracker

Create a project tracker in your new template and start adding content.

Create a project
  • Projects are larger chunks of work (often encapsulating weeks or months) while tasks are things that need to be accomplished for the project to succeed.

  • Notion's Projects and tasks template can be customized to fit your organization's needs by adding additional levels of hierarchy — like objectives — to represent even larger bodies of work.

  • Open any page in “Projects” to start your project.

    • Fill out properties like owner, project dates, and priority.

    • The "About the project" section and a database of tasks are included by default in project pages created using Notion's templates

    • Consider using a synced block from your project plan to keep the “About the project” section up to date.


Create your project tracker

Use the Projects & Tasks template you imported in the last lesson to create your first Project tracker. In the next lesson, we’ll start adding tasks.