Using database views

Notion databases are incredibly powerful, and can hold thousands of items. Database views allow you to organize your content however you like!

12 min video

  • Notion databases allow you to store and display information in a dynamic way.

  • Databases can be viewed in a table, list, board, gallery, calendar, or timeline layout.

  • You can add as many views as you like to an existing database, each displaying the same data differently.

  • Entries in the database can be grouped by any property.

  • Preview more content on the cards by adjusting settings in the Properties section.

  • Add filters to display only the data you want to see, and sort your tasks in any order.

  • A Notion database can be used as a space to collaborate and get work done. Each card in the database is a page in itself.

  • Have a look at our template gallery for wonderful and inspiring databases created and used by our community—and duplicate your favorite setups into your own workspace.

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