Using database templates

Instead of manually typing out the same structure and content for every new page, you can use database templates to automate your processes and save some time.

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  • Database templates in Notion can streamline, and add structure to your workflows.

  • They're useful for teams—such as Engineering—that often need structured reports or entries.

  • Templates automate the creation process, with pre-filled structures and properties.

  • You can create a template by selecting New Template from the dropdown menu in your database.

    • Database templates can be edited, duplicated, and deleted as needed.

    • If a new page is created without selecting a template, it can still be transformed into a desired template later.

    • Templates can be used for structured meeting notes.

    • They can also be beneficial for personal use, like journaling.

  • Using templates saves you time on data entry and formatting, and improves productivity.

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