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In Notion, your docs don't need to look bland. Add an icon to any page to make it easier to find later, or even upload your company logo!

2 min video

  • Add icons and cover photos to Notion pages to make every page unique, and turn a text-heavy document into something more digestible.

  • Click on the default image next to the page title to add an icon.

    • Select emojis or icons in the menu. If you’re uncertain about which one to pick, use the Random button.

    • Alternatively, upload your own icon to match your brand image—a company logo, for example.

  • Inside the page, click on Add cover, then on Change cover to decide on your own cover photo.

    • Either choose an image in our Gallery, upload your own file, paste an image link, or use a cover photo from the Unsplash repository.

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