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Notion AI can help with any task — from meal planning, to drafting a cover letter.
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  • Notion AI: Your virtual personal assistant
  • Get started with Notion AI
  • Generate novel ideas with custom AI blocks
  • Conquer writer’s block and create any kind of document
  • Expand your horizons with Notion AI
  • Better prompting means better results from Notion AI

Getting your life in gear can feel overwhelming. You want to plan everything from your weekly meals to your next big trip, and maybe you’d love to push your career forward by updating your resume or redesigning your daily habits and goals.

You can do all that in Notion, and with AI, it’s even more intuitive and fun to set up systems to advance your life.

If you already organize aspects of your life in Notion, you can boost your productivity, creativity, and effectiveness by adding AI to your workspace.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to integrate Notion AI into your daily life to write, make plans, get inspired, take on new challenges, and achieve your goals.

But first, a quick overview of the technology behind Notion AI.

Notion AI: Your virtual personal assistant

Notion AI works like any Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology:

  1. It looks for patterns in a massive set of data, referred to as training data, to create a model

  2. It tests its model by asking a question it already knows the answer to and analyzing how accurate its answer is. The data the AI uses here is called test data.

  3. Over time and with more inputs and training data, it learns and iterates on the model

Using this process, Notion AI can generate text, brainstorm ideas, improve writing, translate, summarize, and much more. It considers all the data it has access to, plus the context of the page you're on, and produces text in response to your questions.

What’s special about Notion AI is that it’s built-in to your workspace. There’s no need to sign up for different tools and copy and paste responses from one app to another. You can call up Notion AI to help you with whatever you need without breaking your flow.

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As with all kinds of AI technology, responses can sometimes be inaccurate or misleading.
Use the thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons to report great or not-so-great Notion AI responses. This helps our engineers improve the technology for everyone!
You can read more about the limitations of AI here.

Get started with Notion AI

To get started with Notion AI, go to a new line and press the space key.

Now you can input a prompt. You can ask for anything - try requesting a definition of a concept (such as AI), ideas about a topic, or an outline for a document.

Here’s a brief overview of some things Notion AI can do:

  • Create a summary of a long article or webpage — Ask AI to summarize the text from an article, and it will generate a short paragraph.

  • Extract themes from data, or create action items — Notion AI can consider all information on a page and produce key takeaways like the themes from articles, class notes, journal entries, or even a list of action items from your notes.

  • Turn bullet points into a fully-fledged doc — You can quickly turn a few messy bullets into a complete document with the help of Notion AI, which will fill in the gaps and expand on your ideas.

  • Improve your writing and grammar — Make your writing instantly better with Notion AI, which can fix spelling and grammar mistakes, improve your sentences and change your tone.

  • Generate text in a flash — No more staring at a blank page or struggling to get started when you want to write. Notion AI can generate text in seconds based on your prompts and refine and edit until you’re happy with your content.

So, what can you actually do with such a powerful tool at your fingertips? Next, we’ll look at some examples.

Generate novel ideas with custom AI blocks

Planning your weekly meals in advance save you time and reduces daily decision-making.

Inside your Notion meal prep database, create a template for a new meal plan. Add a custom AI block to your template by going to Insert AI blocks in the / menu and choosing Custom AI block.

This AI block will produce text based on your instructions and take into account the other information on the page. So, any time you create a new database entry from your template, the custom AI block will be ready to go.

Here are some different ways you could use custom AI blocks:

  • Create a personalized weekly meal plan — In your AI block, explain that you want to generate weekly meals that incorporate the “Ingredients I have”, which you will list below. You can make your prompt more specific by asking for spicy recipes or meals that don’t contain nuts. When you click Generate, Notion AI will suggest recipes that fit your criteria.

  • Make a shopping list for your weekly meals — Once you’ve decided on your recipes, ask Notion AI to create a shopping list of all the ingredients you don’t have for those meals. This will save you a ton of time drawing up your weekly grocery list, and make sure you only buy what you need.

  • Decide where to go for your next trip — You can use a custom Notion AI block to come up with some ideas for where to go on your next trip. Outside the block, define some criteria for your desired destination - such as climate, family-friendliness, or nightlife.

  • Plan travel activities — Once you’ve generated some destinations, you can ask Notion AI to recommend activities to do in each place. Customize the results by including your budget, length of stay, and fitness level in the prompt.

As well as custom blocks, you can use a Summary block to summarize the content of any page or an Action item block to pull action items from a page.

Templates for travel & meal planning

  • An AI-powered weekly meal prep template here.

  • Plan your next trip with Notion AI here.

Conquer writer’s block and create any kind of document

Notion AI can help you write from scratch and turn a few messy bullets, notes, or ideas into a fully-fledged document.

You can use this to write resumes, cover letters, work emails, and anything else you can think of.

Here are some ways to write better with Notion AI:

  • Avoid the blank page and kickstart your writing — If you’re not sure where to start, ask Notion AI to Help me write. Explain what kind of content you need to create and give plenty of details. For example, if you want to write a cover letter, explain the position, industry, and company you’re applying to.

  • Improve your rough draft — If you have an outline or draft, you can ask Notion AI to improve your writing, simplify technical words, expand on your ideas by writing more, or even change the tone to sound friendlier, more professional, or casual.

  • Write and rewrite until you’re happy with the result — Notion AI can rewrite some or all of the text to include new information or adjust the content in any way. You can say something like “Rewrite the opening sentence to sound more confident”, or “Give more details about my customer service experience”, or just ask Notion AI to change the tone.

  • Run a final spelling and grammar check — Notion AI can proofread your document before you send it off to make sure it’s free from typos or mistakes.

Everyone needs to produce well-written documents from time to time. Now, you don’t have to write from scratch or agonize over the wording of the cover letter before applying for a new role. Notion AI speeds up your writing process and helps you create perfectly crafted documents that convey precisely what you want to say.

Expand your horizons with Notion AI

You can use AI to expand your thinking and achieve more in any area of life

Notion AI will be your creative partner, helping you brainstorm ideas and turn them into action plans and results.

Here are some ways to achieve more in life with Notion AI:

  • Get help setting your annual or quarterly goals — Notion AI can help you brainstorm ideas for personal and professional goals. Write down all the things you’d like to change or achieve in your life. Then, create a Custom AI block prompting Notion AI to suggest goals based on those criteria.

  • Create an action plan to achieve your goals — Once you’ve set some goals, you can ask Notion AI to generate an action plan of steps to achieve those goals, which you can customize accordingly.

  • Use AI as a tool for self-reflection — If you journal in Notion, you can use an Action items block to extract tasks to do from your journal entries. You could also create a Custom AI block asking Notion AI to find common themes from your journal. This can help you better understand where you currently are and where you’d like to go in life.

  • Get personalized recommendations for books, movies, and music — Notion AI can generate personalized recommendations based on what you already love. Prompt AI to give you entertainment recommendations based on your favorites.

  • Decide on a daily routine or habits — Struggling to decide which habits you’d like to establish? Use a custom AI block to determine what habits to build based on your goals, lifestyle, and behaviors you want to cultivate.

Better prompting means better results from Notion AI

You can generate almost any kind of content with AI just by writing a few great prompts and follow-up prompts.

The key is to include the three components of a good prompt:

  1. Type of content — Explain what type of content you want to create, or choose an option from the dropdown menu. For example, an “email”, “project plan” or “recipe”.

  2. Topic you want to cover — Include as much information in your prompts about the topic as possible. This is where you’ll explain that you want to send an email to your boss or create a project plan for your kitchen renovation.

  3. Desired format — Tell Notion AI whether you want the results formatted in paragraph, bullet points, a table, or something else, and state the required length.

You’ll get better, more relevant results from Notion AI with detailed and specific prompts.

If you're not satisfied with the initial output, don't worry! You can always ask AI to edit the text, improve writing, make it longer or shorter, make the tone friendlier, and more.

However, it's important not to over-engineer your prompts, as the whole point of using AI is to save yourself time.

AI powered templates for daily life

  • Get recipe ideas with a meal prep template here.

  • Plan your next trip here.

  • Track SMART goals here.

  • Discover your new favorite movie, book or game here.

Learn more about AI

This Notion Academy course covers everything in this guide and more so that you can use AI in all areas of your work.

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