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Capture, organize, and retrieve priceless recommendations and suggestions from friends and family with a few clicks. No more missed gems or endless searches. Get clutter be gone and you digital life be a well-curated space.
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I’m a keeper. And I love a clean headspace. But one day, screenshots, notes, and endless forms of priceless recommendations from friends and family left me overwhelmed.
When I needed that perfect restaurant, a movie to watch, a great doctor who cured all my friends’ diseases, or a book to read, it was buried somewhere in a digital space.
That's why I created this Notion template to help cope with tons of information that falls at us every day.
Now, I can effortlessly capture, organize, and retrieve priceless recommendations with a few clicks. No more missed gems or endless searches. The clutter is gone, and my digital life is now a well-curated space. And I always have something to watch : )
If you have same problems - this template is for you.

Notion Digital Template, that consists of:
• Sorting inbox: a space for you to quickly add a recommendations that you haven't had a chance to work through or add important information to yet
• Recommendations Hub: a space where you store all of suggestions and recommendations your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances in general have shared with you - whether it’s in a notes, screenshots, files or pictures forms
• To Do List: sometimes recommendations means an action. Here you’ll have a dedicated space, where you can create such to do tasks and track the progress all along
• My Recommendations: once you tried some suggestions and rated them high, you can keep them in this place to suggest to others so that nothing is missed

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