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Ultimate Small Business Owner Dashboard: Finances, P&L, Product Portfolio - all you need to track down your business of handmade products
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As a small business owner crafting handmade products, you face the frustration of scattered information, complex formulas, and the constant challenge of tracking your hard-earned revenue on the daily basis. 

Introducing Small Business Companion - a Notion Template designed to turn chaos into clarity.

Centralize your product formulas, components, and revenue insights. Gain control over profit and loss tracking effortlessly. Feel the ease of streamlined social media management, organized design resources, and efficient partnership handling. Rediscover the joy in your craft as your business finds its rhythm. Invest in Handmade Harmony – where every detail, every stitch, is beautifully orchestrated. 

Simplify, organize, thrive!

Ultimate Second Brain Dashboard:
- Gain a clear view of your business finances.
- Understand revenue specifics for each product type at distinct shops.

Product Portfolio:
- Keep track of product costs and prices effortlessly.
- Access a comprehensive overview of your diverse product range.

Component and Packaging Management:
- Manage product components and packaging details seamlessly.
- Calculate unit prices based on bulk purchasing.

Revenue and Net Profit Analysis:
- Track your business's financial performance month by month.
- Make informed decisions with insights into revenue and net profit.

Social Media Presence Management:
- Effectively manage your digital presence in one dedicated space.
- Store links, files, and essential information for streamlined social media activities.

Design Resource Organization:
- Centralize links for design resources like Canva.
- Keep all sticker designs and labels organized from various sources.

Product Formulas Repository:
- Store and access all your product formulas in one place.
- Ensure consistency and accuracy in your manufacturing processes.

Sales Points and Partners Management:
- Track sales points and partners efficiently.
- Manage partnership conditions and adjust markups from one consolidated platform.

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