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Elevate your language learning experience with this Notion dashboard that empowers you to take control of your linguistic journey.
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As an expat, living in my 3rd country since 2016, I am not new to finding ways of integration into a new society. And mastering a language is the first and main pillar that you establish, if you want to call a foreign land your home. I have been learning multiple languages at the same time for ages: German/Spanish, French/Spanish, French/German and having multiple notebooks and files has become messy and not handy to get back and review what I've learned previously. That is why I created a joint space where all my language learning can live and where it is easy for me to track my progress and goals. If you are like me, this template is for you ⭐

What to expect?

A dashboard overview of the languages you learn

Schedule of your lessons

Dedicated template page for each language

Create vocabulary and flashcards to repeat the new words

Set goals for each language

Keep your learning resources on hand

Create a list of teachers with ratings

Make it your own and adjust to your needs :)

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