Get to Know Yourself Yearly Reflections, That Girl

A Notion Template for Self-Improvement, Annual Self-Reflections with most honest questions to get to know yourself. For That Girl.
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Transform your Notion experience with our meticulously crafted template designed specifically for the modern woman. Delve into sections tailored for personal reflection, goal-setting, and inspiration, all enveloped in a captivating pink aesthetic that speaks to your unique journey of self-discovery and growth. Seamlessly organize your life, aspirations, and cherished memories in a space that resonates with your feminine spirit, empowering you to thrive and flourish with style and grace.


Notion Digital Template, that consists of:

• Personal Profile: Capture essential details about yourself, including your name, hometown, and date of birth, providing a snapshot of who you are.

• Get To Know Yourself: Reflect on your values, fears, strengths, and how others perceive you, gaining insights into your true self.

• Annual Reflections: Engage in self-reflection through various categories such as personal development, relationships, and creativity, tracking your growth and experiences over time.

• Inspiring Quotes: •Curate a collection of quotes that resonate with you, serving as reminders of wisdom, motivation, and inspiration.

• Memorable Trips: Document and reminisce about memorable travel experiences, capturing moments of adventure and exploration.

• Goal Setting: Set and track your goals and aspirations, empowering yourself to pursue personal and professional growth with clarity and intention.

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