Couple’s Meal Planner with Cookbook

This couple meal planner will help you easily co-ordinate your meals for the week with minimal stress, it even comes equipped with a cookbook full of recipes ready to go!
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Introducing the Couple Meal Planner and Cookbook!

This couple meal planner Notion template will allow you to easily co-ordinate your meals for the week with minimal stress, it even comes with some recipes in mind!

Key Features:

- Meals Homepage - Quickly select meals for the week ahead
- Ready-made Recipe Template - Add your own recipes in quickly with shopping list, ingredients list and recipe steps ready to go!
- Cookbook meals included - We have included a small series of recipes to get you started!
- Independent Suggestions - A suggested meals system lets you put forward ideas for your partner to review before adding to the list.

Decide Meals on the Go
This template allows both partners to select meals wherever they are from our list of meals (and your own). This provides each partner the opportunity to put forward ideas and meals they would like to have into the planner.
Once a meal is approved, it is selected into the "This Week" section so that both partners can see exactly what has been chosen for the week.

Easy Picking System
The main homepage of this template is split into three parts: This week, Suggested, and All Meals.
- This Week - A view of all meals selected for this week's cooking
- Suggested - A board for both partners to brainstorm recipes for the week, before deciding.
- All Meals - The central database of all the meals you can make, with toggles and filters for meal types, types of meat and more.

5 Second Recipes
The template includes a recipe page setup by default with every new recipe, this will help you plan all your groceries, recipe steps and more for each individual meal you're planning.

Here's One to Get You Started
The Meal planner comes with a small cookbook filled with recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cookbook provides both meat eating, pescatarian and vegetarian options as standard!

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