Christian All-in-One Dashboard

Helps Christians plan their daily lives and walks with God, through Bible studies, journals, and a planner in one easy to use dashboard!
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Introducing the All in One Christian Dashboard! This Christian dashboard will help you organise all aspects of your life, tailored to your Christian experience. Key Features: - Dashboard with quick action buttons - Christian Mindful Journal - Bible Study Database and resources - Christian Vision Board - Simple Goal Planner One Place for everything The design behind this Christian Notion Dashboard is to put everything - Daily Tasks, goals, journaling - into a space where you can do Bible studies and note your life as a Christian. Christian Mindful Journal The journal incorporated into this dashboard has been built with mindfulness in mind. The dashboard only shows you today's entry and each entry comes with spaces for: - What went well - What could've gone better - Much more including Widgets! Bible Study Ready The Dashboard has a Bible study database built in with easy actions, so you can start and track your Bible studies. Each Bible study can be separated by testament, with database views that track recent studies. Help resources are kept in the template however please feel free to reach out to me @ [email protected] if you have any issues. I pray that this product aids you in your spiritual journey. Thank you from Your Friendly Neighbourhood Notioneer, Con.

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