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an effective tool to manage your business & all projects across various platforms in one dedicated place
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I’m a small business owner. And I have several types of projects going on, and several platforms where each of them is published. I got so overwhelmed on day because of how many streams of intake I have to take care of and how many areas I should focus on, when I didn’t even have any dedicated place to store all important information and actually keep track of them all.

I couldn’t even discern if I was making any profit, given the various platforms I was working on. And when it came time to run a promotional campaign... man, it felt impossible to manage. 

That's when I reached the breaking point.

So, I decided to create one dedicated space—a Notion template—where I could have everything related to my small business in one place. And as I’ve been using it for a year now, it proved to be a great solution, which I want to share with those who feel my pain as well.

1. Transparent Management: eliminate the overwhelm of scattered information and effortlessly manage multiple projects and platforms in one centralized space.
2. Profit Visibility: gain clarity on your business's financial performance by tracking profits & expenses across various platforms.
3. Efficient Campaign Management: simplify promotional campaigns with a dedicated space, making it easy to plan, execute, and track results without the stress and chaos.

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