We pride ourselves on our product and on our culture too! Notion is a place in which we want all Notinos to feel like they’ve done their best work. We’re excited to tell you more about us!

💭 Notion’s Philosophy

🌎 Our Mission

Notion’s mission is to make software toolmaking ubiquitous.

We believe that if every business & person can tailor software to solve their problems, we'll all be better at solving the world's challenges.

Notion is a Connected Workspace. It’s where modern teams create and share docs, take notes, manage projects, and organize knowledge–all in one place

📌 Operating Values

We live by these tenets every day at Notion — whether we're making tough decisions, raising the bar on quality and craft, or interviewing future teammates.

Please take some time to read an in-depth explanation of each value here.

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💫 Notion’s Recruiting Philosophy

We look for candidates who share our Values & are the best in their Craft.

Maintain a rigorous process & keep it conversational

⚓️ Anchor Days

Notion is an in person company, and currently requires its employees to come to the office for two Anchor Days (Mondays & Thursdays) and requests that employees spend the majority of the week in the office (including a third day).

Being an in-person-focused company enables us to capitalize on the energy that comes from us being in the same place. This is a great opportunity to build relationships, work with your teammates, and collaborate on projects. Teams have started adding a third in-office day for team-based work for things such as group maker time, brainstorm sessions, team bonding, and more! This way, Notinos spend the majority of the week in the office.

Notion Offices

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Notion Offices

👥 Notinos

Here at Notion, we refer to our internal employees as Notinos. We hire talented and passionate people from a variety of backgrounds because we want our global employee base to represent the wide diversity of our customers. Check out the pages below to learn about stories from Notinos across the globe.

How Notion uses Notion: By the numbers

Women@ Notion Affinity Group

Black Thought Affinity Group @ Notion

A day in the life of two Notion engineers

Women in Engineering @ Notion

Women in Sales @ Notion

Dublin Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) @ Notion


Meet Notion’s Staff

🌻 Office Activities


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Activities and Affinity Groups

🌱 Office Activities

Fostering a warm and delightful office experience is a Notion priority. For example:

🤝 Affinity Groups

Notion is home to a number of employee-led groups that foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. So far, these include: Accessibility at Notion, All Asians and Pacific Islanders at Notion, Black Thought at Notion, Gente (LatinX) at Notion, Immigrants at Notion, Queers & Allies at Notion, Parents at Notion, Women at Notion. Click the links for intro videos to each group.

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🐶 Pets

Our offices are dog friendly! You may run into some leashed four-legged friends in the office. See the gallery below for some photos of the furry friends who frequent our offices, or watch this Tiktok to see them in action.

🌷 Perks and Benefits

Notion is committed to providing employees with a comprehensive benefits package that includes health and welfare benefits to keep you and your family healthy and safe. We provide comprehensive employee benefits as part of our total rewards program.

When you come into the office, we offer lunch everyday! There are also light breakfast, snacks, and delicious drinks available as part of our pantry program.

💫 More information

Check out these links for more insight into our work and culture!