Connect project roadmaps to team calendars with Notion

Get a high-level overview with a project roadmap, then zoom into individual tasks and deadlines with a project calendar.

Connecting roadmaps to calendars keeps team members and stakeholders aligned

Go deeper than each project's big picture view and get into the nitty-gritty by using the calendar to plan out how and when each team should tackle each task.

Connect project roadmaps to team calendars with Notion

Use Notion's connected workspace to store and maintain your roadmaps, timelines, and docs in the same place. You’ll be able to: 

  • Visualize how each new feature fits into the overarching project or product plan

  • Maintain a single source of truth which team members can access on a self-serve basis

  • Keep tabs on all initiatives to prevent unnoticed delays or information from slipping through the cracks

Connect project roadmaps to team calendars with Notion

How to create roadmaps and connect them to calendars in Notion

  1. Create a Notion account. 

  2. Create a new page and select Calendar from the list of page types. Fill out your calendar view with tasks, due dates, milestones, etc.

  3. In the same workspace, create a new roadmap by selecting Table from the available page types. Populate new pages in the database with roadmap items, their status, and sprints. 

  4. From your roadmap, link to specific tasks on your calendar.

  5. Invite teammates to collaborate.

All key project details in one connected workspace

Streamline your project planning workflows and improve collaboration by connecting project management calendars and roadmaps.


How do you synchronize calendars?

You'll need a calendar service that supports applications. Pick one that provides a seamless experience for ease of use.

Is there an app to consolidate calendars?

Some apps let you integration calendars to bring together Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar and more. This lets you bring together information from different calendars into one place so you never lose track of meetings of tasks.

What’s a calendar integration?

Calendar integrations enable you to bring together two or more calendar systems or applications to sync events or tasks.