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Your go-to Notion template for simplifying content creation in small teams. With four main databases, it streamlines your writing from brainstorming to publishing leveraging all the life-cycle stages.
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Writer smarter, not harder.

This template is designed to centralize most of the written content production process for freelancers, solo-preneurs or small organizations that already use Notion in a medium to advanced level. The functionality of the system relies on 4 key databases with different dashboards and external tools to cover the whole production process:

· Objectives: aimed to store your individual or company goals to drive your content research and production with a N:N relation with content items to evaluate the progress of each objective.

· Ideas: ideally connected with the Notion Web Clipper chrome extensions that will allow you to save URLs from the browser with just one click in order to read later and produce content from them.

· Issues: designed for content management purposes. Use pages inside to draft content, structure it for posting in a specific channel, and get help of Notion AI to get the most of the tool.

· Channels: this database helps you organize your content items in different channels in order to help you distribute written content across different channels and formats to expand your ecosystem reach.

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