WordPress Website Maintenance Tracker

Streamline WordPress website maintenance with this customizable Notion template, offering centralized organization, issue tracking, task management, update logs, and access to resources for enhanced productivity and performance.
About this template

Centralized Organization: Keep all maintenance-related information in one place for easy access and reference. 📋
Issue Tracking: Identify and address website issues promptly with a dedicated tracking system. 🐛
Customizable Fields: Adapt the template to your unique needs with customizable fields and sections. 🎨
Task Management: Track pending tasks, assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and monitor task status effortlessly. ⏰
Update & Backup Log: Maintain a detailed log of all changes made to your website, including updates, modifications, and backups. 📝
Documentation and Resources: Access helpful documentation, tutorials, and resources to enhance your WordPress maintenance skills. 📚

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