Weekly Meal Plan

About this template

It is your indispensable assistant in following your diet or simply keeping your kitchen in order. You will forget about buying extra products, about clogged kitchen shelves and about constant thoughts "What to cook today?"

The template has the following main sections:

Ingredients - the list of ingredients has a convenient interface and many sorting options for your needs. You can always see which ingredients are in your kitchen, which are missing, and which are scheduled for purchase.

Recipe Book - your recipes are stored in one place, qualitatively and conveniently sorted, beautifully designed. You easily choose recipes to prepare for the coming week, they fall into a separate list, you automatically see the ingredients that are missing and immediately create your shopping list.

Shopping List - you can create it before going shopping from the ingredient database or you can create it from selected recipes.

Weekly Meal Plan - the template allows you to plan dishes with recipes, dishes that do not require recipes, to prescribe the conditions of your diet.

Also, this template can be useful for people who develop and sell nutrition plans (weight loss marathons, medical diets, detoxes, sports diets for their clients, etc.). You have all the materials in one place and give the finished product to the customer. You can adjust meal plan each time for new customers based on the base created once, which will save you a lot of time.