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University Hub organizing your college stuff in one location. Aside from the various sections with different views and filters, it also comes with pre-made templates for easier tracking. Even after graduation, you can still rely on this template.
About this template

Straightforward design
Main page of the template shows you the information you need to see at a glance
Each page on this template comes with a Notice board to update you on upcoming school-related activities
University page shows lectures, active courses, and a section for information about professors
Courses show all the active courses you’re taking, the chapters and modules you’re studying, and the exam schedules for each subject
Professors page shows the emails of each of your professors and the subjects they’re teaching
Job Search gallery shows all the job positions and companies you’re applying to, the application status, and a resume template from Canva
Today’s View shows databases of lectures and to-do lists for the day and what lectures you’re to review for the week

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