Ultimate Travel Journey - Green

It’s time to integrate all lifetime journey to travel the world and make your adventure easy to navigate and memorized in the future.
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Using this ultimate travel planner/dashboard notion, we provide you with alot of functionality such as:

🗺️ Comprehensive Geographical View: Visually explore your trips by continent or country (cover > 200 predefined country database), reliving your adventures with a simple click.

🕸️ Seamlessly Integrate Your Journey: Combine all your travel memories into one central hub, effortlessly navigating your global adventures.

⏩ Easy Detail Tracking: You're also provided with helpful categorizations, such as cities visited, places explored, food experiences, and accommodations stayed in. All of these can be conveniently tracked either overall or within a specific country.

💵 Budget and Spending Management: Plan expenses with a user-friendly tool, ensuring each adventure fits your budget and get overview if certain category is still within budget or over budget.

🏆 Celebrate Travel Achievements: Showcase countries visited per continent, celebrating your exploration milestones.

✍🏻 Preserve Your Travel Journal: Cherish memories with an integrated travel journal, seamlessly connected to a comprehensive database.

❤️‍🔥 Plan Ahead with Wishlist and Bucket List: Fuel your wanderlust with built-in lists, organizing future trips and inspirations.

To navigate through the dashboard, head to the "Guideline" menu and follow the step-by-step instructions.

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