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Elevate your trading with the Notion Portfolio Tracker & Notion Trading Journal! 
Track your portfolio, document trades, manage risk, and optimize your routine. Enjoy weekly, monthly, and yearly performance reviews, interactive dashboards, and real-time financial widgets.
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Main Sections:
① Position Trading
② Swing Trading
③ Extra Pages
④ Day Trading
⑤ Finance Tracker

What's Inside?
① Position Trading
Easily document your transactions and positions with a Comprehensive Investment Tracker featuring 3 main databases:

○ Transaction Database: Log buy and sell transactions, including ticker symbol, direction (buy/sell), quantity, price, fees, position size indicators, note-taking capabilities, and optional chart embedding.
○ Position Database: Group and manage multiple buy/sell transactions into logical position sizes based on your chosen strategy.
○ Ticker Database: Overview of your investment portfolio with advanced filtering and viewing options. Integrated with live price feed to display key metrics like realized P&L, unrealized P&L, and total portfolio value.
◌ All components are designed to help you effortlessly manage your investment portfolio with advanced features and customization options. On the free Notion plan, you can seamlessly use all these capabilities without limitations.

◌ Includes in-page and inter-page navigation tools, calendar views for monthly or weekly activity overviews, and an analytical tool called RBAF (Result Based Assumption Forecast):

○ Set Desired Position Sizes: Track whether you exceeded targets during trading.
○ Monitor Metrics: Wins and losses, average metrics, Kelly criteria, Optimal F, Gain/Loss ratio, etc.
○ Forecasting Simulations: Enter assumptions to run simulations and compare against actual trading results.

② Swing Trading
A different structure more suitable for swing trading with:

○ Transaction Database: Input details such as setup, account, market, entry, stop, target, risk, and fee. Automated calculations for R
, risked value, P&L, and other values. Automated date entry linked to monthly databases for further analytics. Note-taking, chart-pasting, and customization options included.
○ Spot Bag Database: Displays your portfolio, showing current price, average buy price, total amount, and unrealized P&L.
Balance Report: Tracks total or monthly activities, showing increase rates from the beginning to the end of the month.
○ Analytics Page: Six different databases for all-time, monthly, yearly, weekdays, markets, setups, and tickers. Displays transaction statistics like the number of trades, winners, win rates, returned R, aimed R, risked amount, and P&L. Includes a slicer system for filtering data with a single click.

③ Extra Pages
○ Gameplan: A page for higher timeframe analyses. Conduct market analysis, develop a strategy, tag with labels, note expectations, actual outcomes, and conclusions. Set reminders for important economic events.
○ Gem Tracker: For fundamental analysis and tracking specific crypto projects or stocks. Note details like ecosystem, market listings, and dates. Customize as needed.
○ NFT Tracker: Track NFT activities, including cost, gas fee, royalty, sell fee, and date. Provides data calculated through formulas.

④ Day Trading
The most detailed part of the template with advanced logging systems and internal integrations:

○ Trading Logs Database: Detailed logging system with trade entry and exit details, three-level exit system, review tables, drawdown-updraw levels, exit reasoning tags, setup execution rates, advanced filters, automations, and a daily trade calendar view.
○ Analytics Databases: Evaluate performance with metrics like profit factor, SQN, standard deviation, Sharpe ratio, etc. View metrics by all-time, years, months, weekdays, markets, setups, tickers, sessions, timeframes, directions, and risk percentages. Includes an advanced slicer system for isolating and analyzing data.
○ Execution Analytics: Define setup rules and track execution rates during each trade.
○ Best & Worst Trades: Summarized views of your best and worst trades.
○ Inner Demons: Table automatically counts errors from trade logs. Identify frequent trading errors and address them to improve performance. Review and refine strategies to overcome psychological barriers.
○ Review: Pre-made pages for weekly, monthly, and yearly reviews.
○ Routine: Track daily trading tasks, note obstacles, achievements, areas for improvement, gratitude, and priorities for the next day.

⑤ Finance Tracker
○ Track income, expenses, and recurring financial activities. Name categories, set budgets or goals, and tag financial activities to see results. Specifically track subscriptions and fixed incomes. Includes extra goal and reading trackers.

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