Ultimate CRM

Introducing the free Ultimate CRM template for Notion, engineered to operate similarly to popular CRMs. Seamlessly manage your deals, contacts, and tickets, streamlining your customer relationship process.
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This CRM template brings organization and efficiency to the heart of your customer relationship management. It is underpinned by three primary databases:

The Deals database is your control center for the sales pipeline, tracking every deal from the initial contact to the closing. Each deal is linked to a specific contact and can be assigned to team members, ensuring alignment and focus across your team.

Our Contacts database serves as your comprehensive repository of customer, prospect, and lead information. Beyond storing contact details, it enables you to document interactions, track associated deals and tickets, and ultimately, offers a panoramic view of each customer's journey with your business.

The Tickets database guarantees no customer query or issue gets lost. This systematic approach lets you log, monitor, and resolve support tickets effectively. It promotes team collaboration and ensures real-time visibility of customer support activities.

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