Trading Journal for Teams

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Multitrader Notion Trading Journal template that provides a trading space for multiple traders at the same time with carefully crafted features.
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✨  Trading Journal: Detailed history of your trades. Each fellow see their own trades, and can share if they want.
✨ Analytics Dasboard: Automatically extracts data from your journal, offering summarized overall balance activities. Displays success rates, win percentages and your trading performance. You will be able to check the statistics of any individual, including yourself, or view the team's overall statistics.
✨ Goal Tracker: Track your goal & performance, which also shown on Scoreboard showing who is the boss.
✨ Calendar: Display your and your fellows' trades on a calendar view, either weekly or monthly.
✨ Gameplan: Conduct high-timeframe market analysis, tag and archive it according to your preference, and share it with your friends if you want.
✨ Daily Routine: Specify your daily routine, track when you've completed tasks, and write a summary of your day to maintain a log of your psychological well-being. Ultimately, you can compare who is performing daily tasks more effectively.
✨ Documents: Store your documents and share with your fellow traders.

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