Trading I Stock Setup I Journal

"Trading I Stock Setup I Journal": Your complete stock trading template! World clocks, news video, top stories, habit tracker, economic calendar, stock heat map, stock screener, trading journal. All in One.
About this template

Welcome to "Trading I Stock Setup I Journal", your platform for aesthetic and effective stock trading. Our trading template provides you with all the tools you need to master the market and make informed decisions.
Features at a glance:

World time clocks:
Keep an eye on the most important trading times - London, Germany, Hong Kong and New York. With our four clocks you are always in
the pace of the global market.

News at a glance:
Thanks to our fixed video and Top Stories widget, you'll stay continuously up to date with the latest developments.
React directly to the latest news to stay ahead of the market.

Habit tracker:
Organize your day efficiently with our habit tracker. Create a structure for maximum productivity and set clear goals for your trading.

Investing economic calendar:
Keep track of key events with our calendar to optimize your trading strategy and be prepared for market movements.
be prepared for market movements.

Stock Heat Map:
Monitor multiple stocks in real time with our heat map and access detailed charts with one click. Get a comprehensive
overview of the market situation.

Stock Screener:
Search all global stocks according to your own criteria. Get in-depth data to make informed decisions.

Developments in the last 24 hours:
Track the most interesting developments in a separate window. Move and zoom in on important information without having multiple
windows open.

Trading Journal:
The heart of our template - a comprehensive trading journal. Track your performance, analyze statistical data and optimize your strategy optimize your strategy based on sound insights.

"Trading I Stock Setup I Journal" not only offers you an all-round tool for stock trading, but also an aesthetic and user-friendly interface. Maximize your efficiency and increase your trading success with our comprehensive trading template.

If you need any customization, just contact me for further details.

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