time tracker (language learning) - lite version

free time tracker, specifically made for japanese language learners! record the time you spent upgrading your skills to easily visualize progress.
About this template

if you aren't tracking your time spent in your target language, you need this template. though this template was specifically made for japanese language learners, any language learner should be using this template!

main features:
> TIME TRACKER: click "start" when you begin a task; click "end" when it's complete! this template will automatically calculate how many minutes you've spent on the task, and catalogue the task under the appropriate "skill" or skills that you've engaged during that task! you will be able to record multiple sessions under one task using "subtasks". you can also write your own notes/reflections for each subtask.
> SKILLS: these include reading, writing, speaking, and listening. feel free to add your own! each skill includes a self-assessed level.

this is the free version of this template. the pro version has the following features:
- a comprehensive resource library (personally curated by yours truly!)
- monthly challenges (to spice up your learning!)
- achievements (treat your learning like a video game!)
- inspiration (when you're running out of ideas...)
- daily reflections (under monthly challenges)

PRO VERSION: https://ko-fi.com/s/6ba62341fe

unleash the full potential of notion with this seamlessly crafted template, designed to empower you to accomplish your language learning goals!

template by studywithmimosa - find more of my templates here: https://ko-fi.com/studywithmimosa/shop

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