All-in-one Team Workspace with > 50 pages

Complete ready-to-use Notion Workspace for your team. 
Three full portals: Team Portal, People & HR portal, Manager portal. 
With 36 databases, > 50 templates, all ready to use and thoughtfully crafted, you will build a more structured, cohesive, and performing team. 🎸
About this template

The most complete Notion workspace for teams!
Transform your team's workflow and collaboration with the all-in-one team workspace for Notion.

I bet you also want to have a centralised, flexible workspace where your entire team can collaborate on projects, tasks, objectives, key results, events, and so much more.

I bet you wonder how to setup your Notion space so that you have a fully transparent space for collaborative work, but also a confidential area where you can work on the HR-related topics with ease and no fear that any information would leak.

I bet you want to have your own cosy corner for the special tasks, notes, and reminders that keep you efficient, structured, and oh, so effective.

I bet you figured that this is all possible with the ManagerHacks Team Workspace for Notion.

After > 4000 Notion template sales, hundreds of feedback, hours of consulting sessions, and years of personal use with my own team, I am happy to share the most complete Notion workspace for teams and small companies.

You will find three portals, each designed for specific use and access:

🧰 What's Inside?

1. Team Portal: share with the entire team to collaborate on tasks, projects, objectives, meetings, and more.

2. People & HR Portal: share with your fellow managers or HR team to organise the team info, recruitment, compensation, absences, trainings etc.

3. Manager space: keep this to yourself to become a more organised and productive version of yourself with journals, private notes, special to-do's and reading lists.

Find a detailed list of all pages in the shop:

This template is ideal for managers, team leaders, and HR professionals looking to setup Notion for their teams or small company.


💎 Key Features:

Custom access & visibility: Tailor portal visibility to fit your team's needs.

Integrated databases: Enjoy a rich set of databases for projects, tasks, HR management, and personal management—all interlinkable for a unified workflow.

Efficient highlights sections: Get instant access to important information across portals with minimal navigation.

Quick action buttons: Speed up your workflow with one-click task or note additions.

Ready-to-Use templates: Save hours with customizable templates for meetings, projects, and more.


1. This is a complete Notion template.
2. Duplicate the template to your Notion workspace. This can take a couple of minutes to make sure all databases and templates get correctly copied to your Notion space.
3. The template will copy to your private documents. Move the Team portal to a shared space with your team. Move the People & HR portal to a restricted workspace where only you and a selected few have access. Keep the Manager portal in your favourites but don't share it with others.
4. Use the detailed videos snd guides to get started. If you are a beginner, it would take you ~ 2 hours to learn how to use the complete workspace. If you are a solid Notion user, you will be ready in 10 minutes.

To discover more about the complete workspace for teams for Notion, take a look at the advanced guided videos for a thorough walkthrough:

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