Supplement & Medication Tracker

Keep track of all the supplements & medications you, your loved ones, patients, carees or pets are taking. Track symptoms, keep a knowledge base of nutrients, track where you source your vitamins & more.
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If you're working on improving your health or are ill, it gets confusing to track all of the medications and vitamins you may be taking. Likewise, if you're a caregiver, especially to multiple individuals, it gets overwhelming quickly trying to keep track of everything they're taking. This Notion dashboard allows you to keep an up to date database and daily and weekly tracker of everything you or someone else is taking.

It's also great to keep track of nutrients you may need as a pregnant or lactating person, and what foods those nutrients come from.

Daily & weekly schedules - filtered by person or pet and currently used medications/supplements
Status - a list of what you're taking, and where you source it i.e. website URL or pharmacy, also includes a "Not Currently Taking" list
Main Database with many customizable categories such as:
Dosage, Amount Per Serving, Special Dosage Instructions & Additional Notes
Purpose (Use or Action/Benefit)
Time of Day & Days of Week
Take With Food (Or Not)
Currently Taking & Stop During Pregnancy Checkboxes
Food Source
Drug Class
Amount Per Package (ex. 120 softgels)
Brand, Buy From (Source) & Ordering URL
Prescribed By (practitioner)
Date Prescribed, Date Started & Refill Date
Color, Shape & Form (For Identifying Purposes)
Generic Name
Packaging Image
Person (or Pet) Taking
Visual Tracker - upload images of your bottles to track things visually
Side Effects Tracker Template - Log side effects for each medication on its page, or view all side effects on the Side Effects Tracker database

The database is populated by some (not medical advice) example info, but you will need to replace with your own custom medications/supplements and their relevant details.

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