Subscription Tracker

Keep track of all your subscriptions and recurring payments.
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Subscription Management & Savings Tracker

Suitable for individuals and teams.

Introducing an advanced Notion template, designed specifically to give you granular control over your subscription expenses.

Key Features:

Complete Overview: At a glance, view all your active subscriptions and the respective license holders.

Cost Management: Set budgets, monitor actual costs, and never be caught off guard with unexpected subscription charges.

Upcoming Payments: Our intelligent formulas predict your upcoming payments, ensuring you're always prepared.

Automatic Calculations: Harness the power of automated computations to instantly view figures like the next payment due, total savings since cancellation, annual expenses, and more.

Savings Celebrations: Recognise and celebrate the financial achievements you've made by discarding unused tools. Let our tracker do the math and show you the tangible benefits of decluttering.

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