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A Notion scripting template for those who want to develop the skill of storytelling through making short films or videos.

- I've shifted my process and direction in making videos for YouTube, thanks to the editing & storytelling lessons from the course Frame by Frame. And as a result, my script template has changed to reflect this change. In truth, this template is a combination of the best parts from my experience taking 3 video-related courses.

- Template includes a music table that contains a formula to automatically select its source, which makes it easy for license purposes.

- By storytelling, I mean something that goes beyond purely how-to, easy-step, clear-process videos, and instead venture into the realm of something deeper, more explorative, experimental. Growth towards communication style & method, and building connection with the audience.

- I want to explore making videos and lean towards the transformative, rather than the transactional side and this is the script template so far I'm using.

- I know I'm not the only one with this interest and I hope that this template will help others get started somewhere, especially if they like to organize their creative activities in Notion.

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