Second Brain Starter Kit: Declutter Your Mind and Organize Your Life

This template simplifies the process of PARA & second-brain, condensing everything onto a single-page dashboard.
About this template

Why do you need this template?
I use this exact setup every day, and as a scatterbrain myself, it's easy to fall into the mess of projects you've created. Keeping a clear schedule and tracking habits can be daunting, and it feels more tedious than helpful. That's why you need this template because it solves those problems by utilizing the PARA system from Tiago Forte. I've organized my thoughts, projects, tasks, resources, and more into a one-page dashboard.

How does it work & is it easy?
I've simplified the process and condensed everything into an interactive onboarding guide that showcases everything you need to get started.

Creator Note:
"This template is designed to ensure an exceptional, streamlined and simplified experience to help your life with Notion. It's a small investment for a potential better version of yourself. I encourage you to take up the call and experience the benefits firsthand. Take your first steps today."
~Michael Radke

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