In this template you will find a space where you can organize and create different elements of a song and see how it progress.
About this template

→ In this template you will find an overview of your songs as the most important data base. Here is where you can select what is this song going to be used for, the starting point for its composition, 3 definitions of elements like time signature, tonality and the character of this tonality and lastly you have a “completed” and “progress” properties related with a progress data base where you can check whether or not you have already work in elements such as Melody, Harmony, Rhythm and Lyrics and change their status.

→ Also in each Song name page in the “Songs Overview” data base is used a template where you can find a space where you can write the lyrics of each of your songs and organize the song’s form.

→ Under the progress data base you will have a “Documents/Sheet Music” data base in gallery view where you can upload documents such as sheet music or other relevant ones of each song. You can have the name of the song that each document belongs thanks to the relation property.

→ At the right hand of the template you will the “References” and “Arrangement” data bases where you can organize the different media that inspire and specific song and what is the organization of your song in terms of Melodic Development, Re-harmonization, Form Development and Orchestration with a little space in your page where you can write specificities about each one.


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