Second Brain

The Second Brain: a personal system for organizing resources and managing time. Features over 30 databases, PARA Method, project/task management, daily overview, quick capture, and Eisenhower Matrix. Clear, intuitive interface without unnecessary clutter or confusion.
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The Second Brain is your personal system for storing, organizing, and filtering resources, as well as managing your time through project and life sphere management

You can be anywhere and comfortably add new entries from your phone. Later, when you come home, you can review your Inbox on a large screen: plan new tasks and tag new resources thematically


Multiple Databases: Use over 30 types of databases for various needs

PARA Method: Resource organization and management system

Project and Task Manager: Efficiently manage your time

Daily Overview: Keep track of current tasks and plans

Quick Capture: Add entries quickly to not miss anything

Eisenhower Matrix: Organize tasks by priorities

Simple and understandable interface

- You've all seen templates with widgets that clutter the interface and distract you from work, right? Also, interfaces with lots of tables that display unnecessary information and where you'll find plenty of tabs that will definitely confuse you

Yes, I've seen them too, so I've created a clear, concise, and intuitive interface for you, accompanied by prompts. There's also a Tutorial here to help you understand how everything works

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