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The Scrum Project Management guide for Small and Medium Businesses is a Notion Template for your business to help you to build Software Products (mobile apps, web apps, enterprise software products), based on the Scrum framework, more efficiently.
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The Scrum Project Management Template consists of 4 main sections which will take the user through the key touch points of a successful project delivery.

Firstly, the Template consists of a Project Cost Calculator, which is the key tool to take the user through the discovery and initiation stages of a project.

Secondly, I have created a purposeful project execution 'mini app', called the Scrum Manager, which can be used by small and medium sized teams as a low cost alternative to commercial project management applications, to deliver software projects.

As the Scrum Manager generates project data, I have sought to create visualisations of this data, for consumption within the project team as well as externally to other stakeholders.

Finally, I wrap up the whole project with a Cost Evaluator which brings together data from the Project Cost Calculator, and the Scrum Manager, to generate an overall picture of project success.

Throughout I have provided background information (e.g. on the Scrum framework), links to educational videos, a Notion powered export, and above all an ecosystem for small and medium sized business to manage their software projects from start to finish.

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