Screenwriter's Hub: A Second Brain and Project Planner for Screenwriters

The Screenwriter's Hub is a second brain and project planner built in Notion giving screenwriters a place to store all of their inspiration, notes, and ideas plus a project planner to plan, edit, and revise their projects.
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Screenwriter's Second Brain and Project Planner is a Notion Template built for screenwriters. First the template gives you a place to store, organize, and download all of the ideas and inspiration bouncing around in your head. The project planner can be duplicated as many times as you like for as many projects as you want. Outline your project using the prompts for a three act story structure or make the outline hub your own. Revision and Editing hubs will help you through the final process. Duplicate and use the pages herein as much as you want and make this template a place to get organized and get that screenplay written with habit trackers, progress trackers, and more.

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