Sales Funnel for e-commerce

The template eliminates the need for extensive research and planning, providing you with a ready-to-use framework that saves you hours of time and effort.
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With this template, you can effortlessly create comprehensive sales funnels for any product, ensuring that you don't overlook any crucial elements.

Sales Funnel Blocks:

1. Awareness Stage: Advertising, Content Marketing, SEO Optimization

2. Interest Stage: Landing Page, Email Marketing, Remarketing,

3. Evaluation Stage: Social Proof

4. Purchase Stage: Upselling, Cross-selling

5. Post-Purchase Stage: Order Confirmation, Customer Support, Loyalty Programs, Request Reviews.


- 3 Sales Funnel Examples

- Website SEO Optimization Checklist

- Universal Landing Page Checklist

- Examples of Facebook Remarketing Ads and Instagram Story Remarketing Ads

- Ad copy and email examples to combat abandoned carts

- Email templates for Email Marketing, Requesting Reviews, Order Confirmation, and Remarketing

- 3 Sales Funnel Examples Utilizing Email Marketing.

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