R.I.A Reading System

Struggling to transform your reading into actionable insights? 📚🤔Dive into a transformative reading journey with our RIA Reading System Notion template.
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📖 Discover the R.I.A Methodology:

R (Reading): Be deliberate in your reading choices. Skim to get a feel and pinpoint chapters aligning with your objectives. With this targeted approach, every book you pick up becomes an avenue for growth.

I (Interpretation): Break down the content in your unique voice using the Feynman technique. Dive deeper, and resonate with the knowledge, making it truly yours.


A1 (Connecting with Experience): Reflect on challenges you've faced and compare with the book's insights. Analyze your approach vis-à-vis the author's, assessing which stands out in practicality and ease.

A2 (Strategic Application): Identify pressing issues and craft detailed solutions inspired by your reading comprehension. Transition from passive reading to active application.

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