Project Work Planner

This template centers your time by automatically syncing the entire template based on how you forecast your work and how you record your time sheet entries with every work planner entry.
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📌 With five database templates to categorize work into repeating tasks, shallow work, deep work, strategy and planning, and meeting preparation, this planner allows you to structure work in a way that helps you get the most out of your work that are days and weeks ahead.

This project work planner emphasizes the importance of tracking your time and constantly understanding and aligning your expectations and forecasts with the work that you plan.

❗️Although this is a work planner first, it is important to recognize that this Notion template implies and requires a level of follow up for your time sheet to interact fully with the work planner dashboard and database.

This can be seen in the way work expectations and work status are configured formulaically via the relationship with time sheet entries and empty database properties.

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