Project Risk Assessment Tracker (Supply Chain)

Use this template to assess the risk within projects.
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Template Features
- Vendor Database: Add your vendors to a dedicated database at the bottom of the template. This feature allows you to have all vendor-related information at your fingertips, facilitating quick and informed decision-making.
- Risk Calculator: The template includes a Calculator database where you can score the probability (from 1 to 5) and impact (from 1 to 5) of each risk. This calculated risk level can then be used when listing out your projects, providing a clear and quantifiable measure of project risk.
- Project and Vendor Connection: Easily connect vendors to your projects by selecting them in the Vendors column. This feature ensures that all relevant information is interconnected, providing a comprehensive overview of your projects and associated risks.
- 5×5 Risk Matrix: Understand and utilize the 5×5 risk matrix included in the template to evaluate the risk score and risk level associated with each project, aiding in effective risk management and mitigation strategies.

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