Have a much more organized year with this Planner! In this Planner you have a Weekly To Do List, Monthly Calendar, Goals Tracker, Financial Control, Habit Tracker and a Space for Monthly Reflections!
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Keep your daily life organized, in this Planner you will be able to control your Tasks, your Calendar, your Goals, your Personal Finances, your Habits and even make mountly reflections! TASK MANAGER & EISENHOWER MATRIX Organize and plan your daily tasks, in this module you can enter your tasks and sort them by priority, viewing in weekly format, or viewing your tasks in an Eisenhower Matrix, making the management of your tasks simple and objective. CALENDAR Keep your appointments organized, in this module, you can include your appointments with priority tag, in a weekly and a monthly view. GOALS TRACKER Have on a single screen your monthly goals, for the year and for the next 5 years, all classified by category. FINANCIAL CONTROL Organizing your personal finances can be boring, but with this Finance Control everything is easier, you register your Expenses by Category, determine the Budget and still track performance graphically. HABIT CONTROL Having and maintaining new habits is always a great challenge, but controlling your habits can be a great incentive for everyday life, in this Habit Control you can control your habits daily, tracking performance graphs per day and percentage per habit. MONTHLY JOURNAL Be grateful for your achievements, learn from your successes and mistakes, record everything in the Monthly Reflections Notebooks. Dark and Light Mode Available!

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