Notion Software Developer OS

An All-in-one System to manage your Team's entire Software Development Processes effortlessly.
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This template helps you manage your entire Team's Software Development processes effortlessly. With the help of this template, you can:

1. Track all of your Team's Tasks, Sprints, Epics and Quarterly Goals.
2. Add or remove your Team's Projects, Documentation, Notes and many things related to your projects.
3. Add or remove any Learning Resources based on any new technology you're learning or save informative blogs/articles and access them without a hassle.
4. Manage your entire Team. Onboard new team members, remove or update Team member related information.
5. Save Code Snippets that you find useful and access them from a single place without worrying about losing them.
6. Track all the information related to the Deployments that your team members are going to perform or have already performed.
7. Merge Request Tracker to track and manage your team's Merge or Pull Requests.

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