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Tired of complicated "operating systems"? Use "My Task & Idea Master" for Notion. Streamline tasks & ideas with intuitive tools like custom funnel views, calendar integration, and idea boards. For individuals and teams seeking simplicity and productivity.
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Transform your task management with My Task Master, a simple yet powerful Notion template crafted to optimize how you track and organize tasks and ideas. My Task Master is the perfect blend of functionality and simplicity, designed specifically for users seeking an organized and streamlined approach to managing their daily activities.

My Task Master is your ultimate task management companion, providing a flexible framework that integrates seamlessly with Notion. It’s designed to cater to your unique workflow, ensuring you stay productive and organized without the clutter.

Features of My Task Master:

Custom Funnel View: Visualize your task progress with the custom funnel view. This feature allows you to see tasks at various stages from inception to completion, helping you keep track of progress and prioritize effectively.

Calendar Integration: Plan your days, weeks, and months with ease using the integrated calendar view. This feature helps you schedule deadlines, set reminders, and view your tasks in a timeline format, so you never miss a beat.

Idea Board: Capture and cultivate your ideas with the idea board view. Organize thoughts, brainstorm, and track idea development in a visually engaging space. It’s perfect for those moments of inspiration that need nurturing and refinement.

Simplicity at Its Best: My Task Master strips away the complexities of task management. Its straightforward interface and intuitive design make managing your tasks as simple as jotting down a note.

Who can benefit from My Task Master?

Individuals: Whether you're a student, freelancer, or professional, My Task Master helps you keep your tasks and ideas neatly organized and easily accessible.

Teams: Collaborate with your team by sharing tasks and ideas in one centralized place. My Task Master makes it easy for teams to stay aligned and productive.

Creatives: Writers, designers, and artists can utilize the idea board to store and develop their creative projects, making it a versatile tool for creative minds.

Organize your tasks and bring your ideas to life with My Task Master: The simple, straightforward Notion template that redefines task management. Embrace a clutter-free approach to staying organized and productive with My Task Master, where every feature is crafted to enhance your task management experience.

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