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Music Business OS is the most natural step of upgrades and improvement to Music Production OS.
Leverage your organisation by upgrading to the Music Business OS.
About this template

Music Business OS is an all-encompassing tool specifically tailored to the needs of today's musicians, music producers, and industry professionals. The platform offers a streamlined, one-stop solution to manage all aspects of your music business.

From the creative process of songwriting and production to the business-oriented tasks of marketing and distribution, Music Business OS has got you covered. It's an invaluable resource for everything related to your music career.

The user-friendly interface of Music Business OS makes it a breeze to organize and manage your work. It offers a systematic way to track your progress on various projects, ensuring that no task falls through the cracks. With Music Business OS at your disposal, you can maintain a clear, bird's eye view of your music career at all times.

Music Business OS is not just for independent artists. It's equally beneficial for larger teams, where tasks need to be coordinated and progress needs to be tracked across multiple individuals or departments. By offering a platform where everyone can stay on the same page, Music Business OS helps to boost productivity and reduce misunderstandings or communication gaps.

Whether you're a solo artist juggling multiple roles or a music executive managing a large team, Music Business OS can help you navigate the complexities of the music industry with greater confidence and efficiency. With this tool, you can focus on what you do best - creating and sharing your music - while leaving the business management aspects to Music Business OS.

At The Gemz Studios, we use this exact system to keep track of all of the projects that are under our belts and with this system we make sure that all works as expected and communications never fail on the other end.




Brand assets

Business task manager



Gear inventory


Project proposals

Social Media Manager

What you can do with Music Business OS

Keep track of the accountings of your freelance business

Keep track of contacts in different filtered workflows

Keep track of ongoing projects for clients or your own as well as song databases

If owning an indie label or working on one; use the Artists section to manage all of the artist related aspects.

What’s included with the template

Access to our Discord Community

Both language versions.

Select database automations

Access to the incoming Notion Ultimate Music Business Package

Education Hub Template; an exclusive version of the template

Exclusive private access to the following templates that are under construction

Exclusive participation on the process of development for the template

Premium access to add-ons for the template system

Updates included up until version 4.0 of the template

How to duplicate the template to your workspace

Choose either one of the templates that you want to use and duplicate it by copying and pasting to your workspace. We highly recommend you to leave this page duplicated somewhere in your workspace as a backup. Regardless of not doing so, your access to the Gumroad product won’t be denied so you can still have access to the original product from there.

Once duplicated, make sure to add the necessary information to it such as the name of your business.

Start working on the template.

Get access here: Music Business OS | The Gemz Studios


This Notion template includes automations; a built-in functionality of Notion that's only available to be modified or to create new automation workflows for recurring subscribers.
If you're under a Free Plan for Notion Labs you won't be able to modify any of the existing automations.

Our plan for upcoming releases is to provide you with specific add-ons and new database functionalities as well as other automation integrations along with tutorials on how to migrate your data from version one to version two of the system whilst keeping data integrity in the process.

If you purchase Music Business OS right away you will be getting exclusive access to the latest version of Music Production OS with direct integration to the rest of the system.

If you are already a user of Music Production OS you can get this template for free; simply reach out to the team at: [email protected] and we will deliver you the needed links to access to the content exclusively.

We believe that your support is truly important to maintain any development endeavours.
That's why we've decided not to go with subscriptions for these releases; yet we do encourage you to support us so we can keep developing new products for you that are tailored to your creative needs.

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