LinkedIn Gamified

Comment. Post. Engage. Invite. DM. Repeat 🔁
Are you finding the LinkedIn admin of content creation BORING? 🥱

Well, lucky for you - I've gamified it! 
Because when you turn chores into games, you get better results & increased motivation 📈
About this template

It includes:

👾 Beginner to Boss
This is basically what I did to grow on here myself 👉 Start at Level 1 and make your way up to Level 4
Contains weekly and daily goals for posting, DMs, connection requests & more!
There’s a completion tracker that automates your progress from what you’ve done. So you’ll be happily chasing 10 filled circles with a 100% next to them 👌

❎ Commenting Bingo
You’ve been told to leave X amounts of comments a day… but what do you actually write? How do you make each one valuable?
Use this bingo sheet to inspire your comments and revel in the ✨serotonin✨ of completing a full house! 😅

📝 Post Checklist
You’ve got a post written up, but how can you know if it’s covering all the right points and you haven’t just gone on a tangent?
Oop 👀
Go through this checklist and make sure it hits every point before you hit post 🙌


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