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For students with ADHD but also for everyone else who loves everything to be organised and aesthetic!

Personal day/week planning, habits, assignments &Tasks, month overviews, weeks overviews, grades, spotify and more! For more organisation in this chaos ...
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Personal Day/Week Planning
This template is designed to help you plan and manage your daily and weekly activities effectively. It includes sections for daily to-dos, appointments, and priorities.

- Daily Schedule: Break down your day by hours to keep track of meetings, tasks, and breaks.
- Weekly Overview: See your entire week at a glance, helping you balance your workload.
- Priorities: Highlight top priorities for each day to ensure critical tasks are completed.
- Notes: Add notes or reflections for each day to improve your planning process.

This template helps you track and build positive habits. It’s perfect for maintaining consistency and seeing your progress over time.

- Habit Tracker: A table where you can list habits and mark them as completed each day. Visual indicators of streaks to motivate you to keep going!
- Goals: Set monthly or weekly habit goals to challenge yourself.
- note: Space to write reflections on your habits and how they’re impacting your life.

Assignments & Tasks
Ideal for students or professionals, this template helps you keep track of all your assignments and tasks in one place.

- Task List: A comprehensive list of tasks with deadlines, priority levels, and status.
- Project Details: Sections to add detailed descriptions, notes, and resources for each task.
- Progress Tracking: Visual progress bars or status indicators to track task completion.
- Due Dates: Calendar integration to view upcoming deadlines.

Month Overviews
This template provides a high-level view of your month, allowing you to plan ahead and stay organized.

- Monthly Calendar: A full-month calendar view to see all events, tasks, and deadlines.
- Goals: Set and track monthly goals to stay focused.
- Key Dates: Highlight important dates and events.
- Review Section: Reflect on the past month and plan for the next.

Week Overviews
Similar to the monthly overview, this template focuses on providing a detailed look at your week.

- Weekly Planner: Detailed sections for each day of the week.
- To-Do List: Weekly to-do list with checkboxes for easy tracking.
- Weekly Goals: Set and monitor goals for the week.
- Note: End-of-week reflection to assess what went well and what can be improved.

School/ Uni/ Grades
Designed for students, this template helps you keep track of your grades and academic performance.
- Grade Tracker: Log grades for each subject or course.
- Calculator: Automatically calculate your GPA based on your grades.
- Assignments: Track assignments and their respective grades.

Integrate your favorite music into your Notion workspace to create an enjoyable and productive environment. Jazz to help you relax! You can also add your favourite music to the playlist

- Playlist Links: Embed Spotify playlists directly into your pages.
- Music for Focus: Curate playlists for different activities, such as studying, working, or relaxing.

More! (Additional Templates for Organization)
Beyond the core templates, you can create additional sections to further enhance your organization.

- Meal Planning: Plan your meals for the week with grocery lists and recipes.
- Budget Tracker: Monitor your expenses and manage your budget effectively.
- Reading List: Keep track of books you want to read and your progress on current reads.
- Project Management: Detailed project plans with milestones, deadlines, and task assignments.

These templates will help you bring order to the chaos by providing structured sections for all areas of your life. By using Notion to manage your planning, habits, tasks, and more, you can increase productivity and stay organized.

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